WSN4QoL aims at bringing together experts, from industry and academia, from cross-sectorial research areas and complementary background, with the long-term goal of designing and developing a more efficient pervasive healthcare system in the interest of the society. WSN4QoL is committed to create a fully-integrated and multi-disciplinary program on the development of WSN technologies for pervasive healthcare applications. All efforts and funding will be focused towards this end. In particular, the research objectives of WSN4QoL include:

1.                  To design a protocol stack architecture, which can accommodate a variety of protocols, algorithms, sensor devices for pervasive healthcare applications.

2.                  To develop energy-efficient and performance-guarantee cooperative protocols and NC schemes for WSNs-enabled pervasive healthcare applications.

3.                  To propose advanced distributed localization protocols and algorithms specifically suited for the scenarios (e.g., indoors) envisaged by WSNs-enabled pervasive healthcare applications.

4.                  To conceive effective, efficient, and resilient security solutions for the proposed algorithms and protocols.

5.                  To assess the performance of the proposed protocols and algorithms by means of analysis and computer simulations by taking into account current standardization activities and realistic healthcare requirements.

6.                  To implement and assess the performance of the protocol stack in a WSN testbed.

7.                  To integrate the proposed solutions in real devices and validate them in real-working environments for pervasive healthcare applications.

To disseminate the scientific results in technical journals, international conferences, and standardization bodies